Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

The main purpose of World Institute of Pain is to educate and train our colleagues by including local hands-on training, international seminars, and exchange of clinicians all over the world.

Turkish Registered Section of World Institute of Pain established in June 2018 has organized 8 international, 7 national meetings since then.

1st Interventional Pain Istanbul was held between 19-21 October 2018, 48 Participants, 15 countries,
2nd Interventional Pain Istanbul between 25-27 October 2019, 93 participants, 23 countries,
3rd Interventional Pain Istanbul between 22-25 October 2020,145 participants, 35 countries,
4th Interventional Pain Istanbul between 22-23 October 2021, 103 participants from 18 countries, and
5th Interventional Pain Istanbul between 21-23 October 2022, 224 Participants from 41 countries.

Last year during the 5th Interventional Pain Istanbul Congress and Cadaver Workshop we had  32 lectures from 32 well-known invited speakers, 2 Oral abstract sessions, 6 Hands on Cadaver Workshop Sessions (for CIPS and FIPP): Total of 19.5 hrs.

1st FIPP-CIPS Examination in Istanbul was held on the 27th of October 2019  with 38 colleagues. Due to the pandemia we could again begin to organize the FIPP-CIPS Examination last year with  a  total  number of 55 Examinees (15 CIPS, 40 FIPP) in WIP FIPP/CIPS Exam.

It is again a great pleasure and honor for us to welcome you all to the 6th Interventional Pain Istanbul, Pain Symposium  and Cadaver Workshop endorsed by World Institute of Pain and organized by WIP Turkish Registered Section in Antalya between 29-30 October 2023 during  the 12th World Congress of World Institute of Pain between 28-30 October 2023 on the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the modern Turkish Republic as well as the 30th anniversary of the establishment of World Institute of Pain.

It will be followed by the FIPP-CIPS examination which will be held by the Board of Examination of the World Institute of Pain on the 31st of October 2023.

The fluoroscopic (FIPP) and ultrasound  (CIPS) cadaver workshop and simulation will include all essential and important interventional procedures for chronic pain. Our main goal is to present the scopes of pain medicine, Algology on an interventional level.

The scientific program committee established on a multidisciplinary multinational level, formed of well known colleagues who gave their whole lifes to Pain Medicine will give you the real taste of pain medicine, Algology. We are looking forward to welcome you in the 6th Interventional Pain Istanbul which will be organized this time in Antalya.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Serdar Erdine, MD, FIPP,
Chair of the WIP Turkish Registered Section
Dominic Hegarty MD, FIPP,
WIP President
İbrahim Aşık, MD, FIPP,
Co-chair of WIP Turkish Registered Section